Remembrance Day display at Thorp House Nursing Home

8 Nov

Children from Caston Primary School helped create this impressive Remembrance Day display at Thorp House nursing home in Griston, near Watton.

Each one of the 80 poppies has a special message from a pupil, saying what Remembrance Day means to them.

Ella, nine, wrote: “You were very kind for protecting us and risking your lives for us”; Alfie, nine wrote: “Thank you for our lovely lives today and for giving yours.”

Home manager Kirsty Holden said: “Some of our residents have a connection with the Armed Services so the display and the messages are especially poignant for them.”

Headteacher Mark Cresswell said the children had benefited immensely from making the poppies.

“It has given them an insight into the significance of Remembrance Day and made them think of a special person whether in the Forces or a family member.”

Mr Cresswell visited the Kingsley Healthcare home with class teacher Ami Reynolds and three of the pupils, chosen as school ambassadors, to inspect the finished display.

Alfie Quick and brothers Ted and Henry Watling, whose father is a serviceman, were excited to find their poppies in the display.

Miss Reynolds, who has helped to forge the relationship between her school and Thorp House, said all the pupils had enjoyed making the poppies; she was looking forward to their next project with the home to celebrate Christmas.

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