Caring a person with dementia

caring a person with dementia

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Looking for a care for yourself or a loved one can be a very emotional time.

You may be apprehensive that the time has come for you or your loved one to need specialist care, and have some misgivings about whether you are doing the right thing. That’s a perfectly natural reaction and we understand that.We are here to help, and support anyone that needs it.

We aim to support residents and their families in any matters affecting their care needs.
dementia care help

Dementia Care Support

It’s important for the home to adopt a lifestyle suited to the needs of a resident with a dementia. One of dementia’s effects is that logical thinking slowly deteriorates, which means the resident must rely heavily on feelings and emotions. Bear this in mind when you walk into a home; if you don’t feel at ease then someone with a dementia is unlikely to feel at home there. Individuals with a dementia tend to like to touch and feel things, and if a home is aware of this there will be objects of interest hanging on the walls or placed in the rooms. Having these items placed around the home sparks conversation and sometimes memories for the residents, and is also an effective calming tool.
  1. Memory loss
  2. Personality changes
  3. Confusion
  4. Loss of ability to carry out routine tasks
  5. Mood swings
Dementia is not the only cause of memory loss. Many people have trouble with memory – this does not necessarily mean they have Dementia. There are many different causes of memory loss. If you or a relative is experiencing symptoms of a dementia, it is best to visit a doctor so the cause can be determined. We advise seeing a GP if you, your family or friends are worried about changes in memory, personality or the lack of ability to carry out routine daily tasks.
We recommend the PayingForCare website for all our clients and relatives. PayingForCare has been designed to help individuals make more informed decisions about the arrangements and funding for long-term care. The site is equally useful for powers of attorney, family members and friends. We highly advise that clients and relatives speak to an independent financial adviser, who will be able to advise you on the best options.

Call our support line 0330 311 6471 for more informaiton or request a copy of publication of exclusive dementia care guide brochure.